Adjustable Apple iPhone 8 windscreen suction mount

Adjustable Apple iPhone 8 windscreen suction mount
Adjustable Apple iPhone 8 windscreen suction mount Adjustable Apple iPhone 8 car dock Adjustable Apple iPhone 8 car phone holder Adjustable Apple iPhone 8 car dash mount

German made adjustable Apple iPhone 8 holder mounted onto non-swivel Micro Global 8 windscreen suction mount by Herbert Richter.

German made Herbert Richter adjustable Apple iPhone 8 car holder bundled with non-swivel Micro Global 8 windscreen suction mount for convenience for that perfect Apple iPhone 8 car dock. This mount can be used as also a fantastic Apple iPhone 8 dash mount. Herbert Richter Apple iPhone 8 adjustable universal holder is ideal for using Apple iPhone 8 in skin or bumper.

This mount can also be used as a dash mount and is ideal for use in vans, trucks or caravans.

Herbert Richter Global 8 Windscreen Suction Mount is perfect for small space on windscreen. The backing mount is near vibration free and suction cup is made of plastic material free of DEHP.

Please note, backing mount does not swivel, thus it is only suitable to display your device in vertical position.

I use a bumper case or cover on my Apple iPhone 8.

Adjustable holders are perfect for use with Apple iPhone 8 that has a bumper case or cover on it. Or if you have more than one device you use.

Herbert Richter Micro Global 8 windscreen suction backing mount

Herbert Richter Global 7 backing mount has 360 degrees swivel for perfect viewing angel. Windscreen mount has an extendible base.

Herbert Richter adjustable device cradle

Herbert Richter's classic adjustable holder adapts to holder Apple iPhone 8 securely. It adapts to almost every size and form of smartphone and Mobile phone devices. Just insert the Apple iPhone 8 and squeeze padded sides to secure device. Perfect to hold a Apple iPhone 8 without taking it out of it case. The side and core of the holder are provided with a soft, non-spill sponge rubber layer which protects the device from scratches, noise and vibrations while on the move. To release the device, simply press the button on side and the side wings open releasing the device. Suitable for device width between 59mm up to 85mm.


  • Universal Apple iPhone 8 holder suitable for any device width 59mm – 85mm
  • Ideal for windscreen with small space.
  • Horizontally and vertically adjustable by 60 degrees.
  • Vibration free mounting system
  • Perfect as a dash mount.
  • Superb large suction cups made of plastic material free of DEHP.
  • 126mm x 63mm x 59mm.
  • German made.

Can I used this as a dash mount?

Herbert Richter Micro Global 8 windscreen suction mount is perfect to use as a dash mount onto a smooth surface.

Please note, you may require a self-adhesive adapter disk, sold separately.

We also have a dash mount bundle that is ideal to fix install onto in car dash using screws, this is also suitable for Brodit ProClip mounting platform.

Can I use this with my Apple iPhone 8 at home or at my office as a desk top mount?

Yes, we have Herbert Richter suction cup adapter if you also plan to use this at home, or at office as a handsfree Apple iPhone 8 desk top mount. This is sold separately. For illustration, click here.

Do you also have Apple iPhone 8 bike handlebar mounts?

We also sell fantastic range of German made XXXXX bike handlebar mounts, moped and scooter mounts that are also suitable to mount onto boat rails, or even golf carts.

What other option do I have?

We also have German made Herbert Richter secure device specific holders and mounts for the Apple iPhone 8, Brodit holders for the Apple iPhone 8 and Danish Fix2Car holders for the Apple iPhone 8.

Who is Herbert Richter?

Herbert Richter is a leading German manufacturer and a renowned innovator of universal car accessories and mounting solutions for over fifty years. They are well known for their superb design and highest quality. Today they are one of the leading manufacturers of mobile mounting solutions, inventor of Flexible Gooseneck and it's property rights holder with manufacturing numbers of over one hundred millions units to date.

Why settle for cheap imports from far east? As industry leader, before launching a new product, each product is subject to stringent tests by external laboratories to ensure that products meets most requirements of consumer needs. All materials used in manufacturing process comply with RoHS and WEEE environmental standards.

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