Brodit Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge car holder 511866 suitable for ProClip mount

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Brodit passive holder cradle 511866 is for those who wish to have their Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge safely installed in car using Brodit ProClip bracket mount.

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Brodit Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge passive holder 511866 - Suitable for Brodip ProClip.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Brodit cradle is for those who wish to have their device safely installed in car kit. Brodit Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge holder will provide secure cradle for your device and can be installed in car without drilling holes onto Brodit ProClip mounting plateform, sold separately.

Brodit holder is tailor made for specific device, thus it's a perfect fit and holds Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge firmly in place. Please note, holder is very snug fit. thus it can not be used for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in case or cover. Holder is It is designed with a full tilt and swivel so that you can adjust your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in perfect viewing angle in order to avoid reflections in the display.

Car charge is not supplied with this particular holder, however, all ports on your device are accessible should you wish to use your own car charger.

Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Installing Brodit Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Holder onto Brodit ProClip

To install this Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Brodit passive holder in your vehicle, we highly recommend Brodit ProClip mounting platform, sold separately. Brodit ProClip can be easily installed without drilling holes in your vehicle. Click here for guide on how to install Brodit holder onto Brodit ProClip. You may also find illustration on Brodit website useful.

Brodit MultiMoveClip

MultiMoveClip allows you to switch between different device Brodit holders on the same ProClip mounted in your vehicle. Perfect if you have different smartphones but drive the same car where Brodit ProClip is installed. Please click here to buy a Brodit MultiMoveClip.

Installing Brodit holder onto Herbert Richter windscreen suction mount

We also offer a great range of Herbert Richter windscreen suction mount. Brodit holder can also be installed onto Herbert Richter backing mount of your choice. For more information, please click here. Please note, not all Brodit holders can be installed onto Herbert Richter backing mounts this way.

My device has a case or cover on it, is this Brodit holder suitable?

No, this Brodit holder is designed for naked device. If you have case fitted on your device, this will NOT fit. In this case, you may be interested in our German made adjustable holder and swivel dash mount bundle that is perfect for mounting your device onto Brodit ProClip. This is ideal if you use your deivce with a bumper case or cover on it. We also have great selection of German made Herbert Richter adjustable windscreen suction mounts for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Can Brodit holder be mounted onto bike, or pipe on my boat?

Although Brodit do have a pipe mount, we again have a selection of German made Herbert Richter bike mounts Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that designed specifically for mounting your device on bike handlebar, boat railings, pipes or even golf cart.

Brodit in car holders and Brodit ProClips are ordered from the UK central distribution hub as per customer order. Most items are readily available, in this case, we will dispatch your order within 2-3 working days. However, it may take up to 7 working days if item is unavailable. We will inform you if there is a delay.

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