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Herbert Richter 4 Quick-Fix | 4QF system.

Herbert Richter 4 Quick-Fix | 4QF system.
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Synopsis: Herbert Richter 4 Quick-Fix | 4QF system.

4 Quick-Fix system from Herbert Richter is innovative, safe and secure 4-claw connection system allowing simple, easy and secure way to attach Herbert Richter device specific holders or universal holder with 4-holes onto 4 Quick-Fix backing mount, e.g. 4QF vent mount, 4QF windscreen suction mount, 4QF bike mount.



All Herbert Richter device specific or universal holders have patented 4-grid/4-holes ratcheting system at the back of the holder that attaches to Herbert Richter backing mount, e.g. Vent mount, windscreen suction mount. Many latest device specific holders have kick back stand allowing you to use the holder as a desk stand. However, once Herbert Richter holder is secured onto backing mount, it is not always easy to detach.


This is where 4QF system on backing mount comes in. Simply press side-release on 4QF mount, align holder onto backing mount and release. You now have attached holder onto backing mount safely and securely. To detach, press 4QF side-release, holder is now detached from backing mount.



4QF system allows one device specific holder to be used with different backing mount. For example, device specific holder(e.g. Apple iPhone 4) can be used with 4QF vent or 4QF windscreen suction mount in car, and same holder can be detached and be used with 4QF bike mount when out and about. It is also ideal if you share your vehicle and want to use same backing mount for two different devices, e.g. You may have Herbert Richter iPhone 4 holder and your partner may have BlackBerry Bold 9700 holder that you wish to share in one vehicle that has 4QF vent mount or 4QF windscreen suction mount installed.


Like all Herbert Richter product range, 4QF system are crash tested and made to highest quality.