Installing Brodit holder onto Brodit ProClip [Resources]


Brodit is a unique two part solution where you will require a holder for the device you are wishing to mount, that’s part one, and a Brodit ProClip or bracket to fit on the vehicle, part two. Your choice of holder screws onto ProClip. Brodit ProClip is easy to install into the vehicle, no screw holes are needed in the dashboard. Brodit holder will come with the 4 self tapping screws and also easy to use fitting instructions.

Part 1

Brodit holders are device specific, so you will need to ensure you choose the correct holder for your device. Brodit Holder will securely hold your smartphone, Sat-Nav or tablet. Please click here to select holder for your device.

Part 2

Visit Brodit website, click here, and select Brodit ProClip for your vehicle, Brodit ProClip are vehicle specific. Brodit ProClip attaches to your vehicles dashboard without damaging your vehicle. When in place it creates a flat plastic plate to attach your holder to. The holder screws into the ProClip and NOT your dashboard. Once you have visited Brodit website, please click here to order your Brodit ProClip.

As a general rule Brodit ProClip’s for right hand drive cars begin with a 6 and a left hand drive would be the same 6 digit number but will begin with an 8.

Brodit holder can be easily installed onto Brodit ProClip. Here is a simple guide how this can be done. Please note, Brodit ProClip are vehicle specific, and location within that vehicle specific. Installing instructions are provided with Brodit ProClip. For illustration purpose, Brodit ProClip is mounted on wall in these images.


Step 1: Loosen the screw in the centre of the holder so you can remove the tilt swivel attaching plate from back of the holder.


Brodit Holder

Step 2: Place the attaching plate on desired position onto Brodit ProClip, Brodit ProClip are vehicle specific, an example ProClip is shown mounted on wall for illustration purpose. Screw the attaching plate into place with screws provided.


Brodit Holder

Step 3: Place the holder over the attaching plate so the tilt swivel fits. Screw the holder back onto the attaching plate.


Brodit Holder

Holder is now in place and ready for use.