Installing Brodit holder onto Herbert Richter windscreen suction mount. [Resources]


Brodit holder can easily be installed onto one of many Herbert Richter windscreen suction mount, vent mount, fixed installation mounts, dash mount and many others backing mount that we hold in stock. Click here to go to Herbert Richter mounts and holder's section.

To do this, you will require,

  1. Brodit holder,
  2. Herbert Richter adapter plate,
  3. and one of Herbert Richter backing mount from our large selection of windscreen suction mount.

We have used Herbert Richter HRX mount to illustrate how it's done.

Installing Brodit holder onto Herbert Richter backing mount


First we remove swivel backing from Brodit holder by unscrewing two screws from front of the holder.

Removing swivel backing from Brodit holder

Swivel backing removed from Brodit holder

We than peel off green layer and attach this onto back of Brodit holder, see below.

Brodit holder with Herbert Richter adapter plate

Now simply attach Brodit holder onto your choice of Herbert Richer backing mount, you're ready to go.

Brodit holder installed onto Herbert Richter HRX backing mount

If you are planning to use this combination as a dash mount in your vehicle, you may require a self-adhesive adapter plate, sold separately.

Brodit holder used as a dash mount